Car parks

Dublin Car Park Flooring and Painting

We have a range of systems from open deck parking lot to basement carpark that you can choose from. Our flooring options are suitable for parking locations at homes, offices and industries with large everyday traffic.

Our bars are set very high when it comes to the quality of parking floors. After all, there are many factors which can slowly damage the floors throughout the years and render them completely useless.

We make sure that our parking floors have the following qualities:

  • Excellent anti-skid finishing
  • Extremely heavy load-bearing capacity
  • Long lasting structure
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Sufficient ground clearance
  • Resistant to water and weather elements

If you need help with your parking floor plan for outdoor or internal car park flooring, we’re here to help. Please call us or drop an email if you want to talk to us. We have completed several carpark Dublin car park flooring projects with amazing customer satisfaction, and we are sure you will be happy working with us as well.

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