Q. Are your quotations and surveys free?
A. Yes, our price estimation and survey will be carried out at no cost.

Q. Do you provide shot blasting / diamond grinding services?
A. Yes. All done in-house.

Q. Can you remove old coating adhesive?
A. Yes, we will make the surface totally clean.

Q. Can you repair damaged concrete?
A. Yes, we repair holes, cracks, and floor joints.

Q. How long does it take to complete a floor from one – three day?
A. Most floors, if started on Friday, are ready for use on Monday morning. We also lay PVC flooring which has no down time. We work while you work without interruptions.

Q. Do you work on weekends, nights and bank public holidays?
A. Yes, we operate 24 hour service, 365 days a year.

Q. Do you provide a damp proof membrane?
A. Yes, this is available if required.

Q. Can you provide coating over old oil-soiled floors?
A. Yes, we clean concrete and seal with oil resistant primer.

Q. Do you provide non-slip flooring?
A. Yes, we can provide non-slip floors.

Q. Do you guarantee your work?
A. Yes, we give a warranty on all flooring projects.

Q. What colors are available?
A. There are various colors to choose from depending on the type of work. Contact us for more details.

Q. Is it possible to use multiple colors, and is there any extra charge?
A. You can pick any color combination without extra charge!

Q. Can you provide walkways safety lining?
A. Yes, we provide walkway safety lining for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Q. Can you provide specific advice to architects and surveyors free of charge?
A. Yes, this service is free for anyone who intends to use our service.

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